Project Description

Charles’ Insulation Project in Clive, Iowa

Cold Rooms in Clive

With the temperature dropping, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in is crucial during the winter months. Charles noticed that his second-story rooms were significantly colder than the downstairs and he had problems keeping the family room that shares an exterior wall with the attached garage warm. We sent one of our home solution experts to Charles’ home in Clive to do a Home Performance Evaluation.


fiberglass batt insulation clive, iowa
Charles’ attic had a minimal amount of blown-in insulation and head was able to escape the home through the seams in the floor.
clive, iowa fiberglass insulation
The rolled fiberglass batt insulation pictured was installed touching the exhaust pipe, this is actually against code and can cause the insulation to melt if it gets too hot.

During Inspection

We found that most of the heat was escaping through the attic causing the second story rooms to be colder. The culprits were inadequate insulation and cracks that were allowing warm air to escape. We identified that the family room was losing heat through the exterior wall that is shared with the attached garage due to lack of insulation.


attic blown in insulation clive, iowa
Cellulose insulation is blown into attics or wall cavities to provide a thick layer of insulation that provides the R-value your home needs.
air sealing in clive iowa
Air leakage happens throughout the home as air slips through joints, cracks, and other small openings. Air sealing reduces the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is cost-effective, improves durability, increases comfort, and creates a healthier indoor environment.

Our Solution

We first addressed the cracks in the attic with air sealing. By doing this, we prevent any air leakage from the home into the attic. Next, we added cellulose insulation. This thick layer of blown-in cellulose insulation filled easily and worked great around beams, wires, and other unique objects along with providing Charles’ home with the correct R-value needed. Some benefits of blown-in insulation include:

  • Blown-in Cellulose Insulation is made completely of recycled and environmentally safe materials, making it an eco-friendly option.
  • Class 1 fire safety rating – the insulation is treated with a non-toxic borate solution giving it the highest safety rating.
  • Resistant to mold and insects

The lack of insulation in this exterior wall was causing heat to escape into the garage. We eliminated this problem by adding blown-in cellulose insulation into that outside wall.

Charles can now rest easy this winter knowing his home will stay warm during the harsh winter temperatures. For your Home Performance Evaluation contact Home Solutions of Iowa today.

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