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Charles Air Sealing Project In Ankeny, Iowa

Detecting Cold Room Issues In Ankeny Iowa

Charles Ankeny, Iowa attic was the perfect candidate for insulation. He was experiencing cold drafts, cold rooms, and constantly having to turn up his thermostat. To get through the brutally cold winter, Charles was looking for some sort of solution to his cold room problems. He turned to Google for help in finding the perfect insulation contractor. Scrolling through, he came across Home Solutions of Iowa and decided to give them a call to see about their Home Comfort Solutions.

Ankeny, Iowa Air Sealing Empty attic
To begin the Home Comfort process, we remove all of the old insulation creating a blank slate.
Air Sealing empty attic ankeny, iowa
We start with Air Sealing the nooks and cracks that are often exposed from wires.

Air Sealing In Ankeny, Iowa

The first step our Home Comfort Experts take in detecting insulation problems is through our Heat Map Evaluation Test. This test gives us the exact locations where heat is escaping in Charles Ankeny, Iowa home. After evaluating the heat loss issues, we sat down with Charles to give options of what insulation services would be ideal for a comfortable home. Air Sealing was the main important insulation service that Charles needed in his attic. Air Sealing seals up any nooks and cracks where heat could be escaping.

Doing this is an essential part of receiving a comfortable home as often homes are vulnerable to leaks from wiring, plumbing, and electrical outlets being installed. After Air Sealing, we blew in a nice blanket of Cellulose Insulation. This type of insulation is very different from Fiberglass. With a higher R-Value and the ability to easily fill in around beams and other unique objects, it is one of the best insulation Charles could have for his attic. Charles can enjoy a comfortable home without having to worry about bundling up in blankets.

cellulose insulation Ankeny, Iowa

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