Project Description

Carma’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Des Moines, Iowa

Carma’s Gutters Couldn’t Handle Iowa’s Rainfall

Carma is a single retired woman who was fed up worrying about gutter maintenance on her Des Moines, IA home. Not only were the gutters clogged frequently; the downspouts were too small to handle the amount of Iowa’s rainfall and they were poorly placed on the home, making rainwater unable to be guided freely and safely away from her home. Carma spotted one of our trucks at her neighbor’s house and decided to give us a call at Home Solutions of Iowa.


This Des Moines, IA home had a poorly installed gutter system and a large amount of unwanted downspout laying on the ground.

Custom Downspout Placement in Des Moines

We safeguarded Carma ’s home with over 150 feet of white LeafGuard® Gutters. We configured the downspouts more discretely on the home and ran some of the downspouts into drain tile that connected to a pop-up drain away from the home. This allows rainwater to be safely guided away from her home’s foundation underground rather than running a long unattractive downspout through her landscape.


With LeafGuard® Gutter’s built to last quality, Carma will never worry about her gutters fading or needing to be replaced while she owns her Des Moines, IA home.
LeafGuard® gutters are maintenance-free, durable, custom fit gutters. The low profile design adds to this Des Moines, IA home.
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