Project Description

Brenda’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Johnston, Iowa

Searching For New and Improved Gutters

Brenda’s Johnston, Iowa home had an amazing landscape. With multiple plants, flowers, and overhanging trees; her home had one of the best curb appeals on the block. But with all of that comes a lot of maintenance on the exterior part of her home. The trees were causing leaves and debris getting clogged up in her gutters causing damage to other parts of her home. The water was not able to effectively channel properly so Brenda’s flowerbeds were overflowing with water. Spending so much time on her plants, Brenda wanted a solution ASAP. She went to Google to see what gutter companies were located near her and came across Home Solutions of Iowa’s website. Interested in what gutter system we offered, she gave us a call to come out to her home for a free estimate.


  • side view of johnston iowa home gutters
  • side view of gutter project before johnston
  • before gutters done on johnston home
  • exposed leaves filled gutters
  • before gutter project overhanging trees

Safeguarded With LeafGuard®

After explaining to Brenda how LeafGuard® Gutters is a one-piece system that effectively channels water away from the home, prevents debris from clogging the gutters, eliminates the possibility of gutters leaking, and does not require any sort of maintenance; she was sold. She was so thankful that she would never have to worry about her plants and flowers getting ruined from her worn-out gutters. We installed 387 ft. of LeafGuard® all around her Johnston, Iowa home providing her with a maintenance-free lifestyle forever.


  • gutter color exterior home
  • leafguard johnston trees hanging
  • soffit view of leafguard gutters in johnston
  • LeafGuard Johnston Side of home view
  • Leafguard gutters in johnston, iowa side of home

Get LeafGuard® On Your Johnston, Iowa Home

To learn more about how LeafGuard® Gutters could benefit your Johnston, Iowa home; give us a call. We will gladly come out to your home and explain the great benefits of LeafGuard®.

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