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Attic Insulation Upgrade In Beaverdale

Beaverdale Home In Need Of Insulation

Reed has owned his quaint Beaverdale, Iowa home for about 3 years. In those 3 years, the winter season has been brutal in terms of home comfort. The temperature differences in the room were shocking to Reed. In some, he had to dress in layers and use blankets whereas in others he was too hot to sit in. Reed realized his insulation has not been updated in quite a few years so to find a solution to the changing room temperatures, he decided to start some research on insulation. As many homeowners do, Reed went to Google to learn about insulation contractors in his area, what different types of insulation are recommended for attics, and the various pricing.

In hopes to find a local contractor, he came across Home Solutions of Iowa. Their website had a good amount of information on their Home Comfort solutions and knew they were a contractor he wanted to work with.


Beaverdale attic insulation
Beaverdale attic insulation
Reed’s current insulation was in dire need of an upgrade. It wasn’t providing any sort of comfort for his Beaverdale, Iowa home. He needed a solution ASAP.


Attic insulation in Beaverdale, Iowa
Cellulose Insulation is the best choice for Reed’s attic. Due to it being blown in, it fills more space and blocks air from potentially “fueling the flame”. It is energy efficient and a healthier option. Cellulose forms a material that conforms to most spaces without disturbing the structure or finish.
Air Sealing is the first step in providing the right insulation for Reed’s attic. Air Sealing eliminates leaks and makes the home more comfortable and efficient.

Providing The Best Home Comfort Solutions In Beaverdale

One of our Home Comfort Specialists went out to Reed’s Beaverdale home to perform a Heat Map Evaluation. After running the evaluation, he proceeded to explain to him where heat was escaping and what was needed to update it. Reed’s attic insulation was way out of date, not providing any positive benefit to his home.

To fix this, our Home Comfort Insulator took out all of the old insulation, creating a bare floor. This allowed us to Air Seal any areas where heat could leak out. From there, we blew in a nice blanket of Cellulose Insulation giving Reed the right R-Value for his Beaverdale, Iowa home. Reed can enjoy a comfortable home all year long thanks to a Home Comfort Solution by HSI.

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