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Dan’s Faulty Attic Insulation Project In Des Moines, Iowa

Faulty Attic Insulation

Dan’s 1930 Des Moines, Iowa home has been through many brutally cold winters resulting in faulty attic insulation. From snow, ice, negative temperatures and so much more, Dan’s insulation needed to be updated. After 6 winters of dealing with cold drafts and cold rooms, Dan started seeking out various insulation companies to help him find a solution. Going to the internet, Dan sought out local insulation companies near him and Home Solutions of Iowa popped up.

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Saying Goodbye To Faulty Attic Insulation

Dan can say goodbye to cold drafts, cold rooms, and his faulty attic insulation. Our Home Comfort Plan is perfect for a home like Dan’s. Our Home Energy Experts went out to Dan’s Des Moines, Iowa home to run a Heat Map Evaluation and inspect his attic. The Heat Map Test allows us to exactly pinpoint areas where heat is escaping. After pinpointing those areas, we removed the little insulation Dan had in his attic.

Starting with our Air Sealing product, we sealed up the little nooks and cracks throughout his attic. Air Sealing is crucial in insulating the home. This allows no heat to escape through wiring penetrations and other small areas. After Air Sealing, we blow in a nice blanket of insulation. This insulation easily fills around beams and other areas that are hard to insulate. Dan can fully enjoy a comfortable home throughout all the seasons we experience here in Iowa thanks to our Home Comfort Plan.

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