Project Description

Angie’s Cellulose Insulation Project In Johnston, Iowa

Home Performance Evaluation Needed

Ben and Angie knew they needed to insulate their home after noticing various cold drafts throughout their storage room and utility room. They weren’t sure what type of insulation they needed to provide them with the best comfortable house they were wanting; so they turned to a reliable contractor for help.

To eliminate air leakage, we air seal in places like your plumbing and wiring penetrations through the walls and ceiling.
Soffit Baffles are installed to increase the ventilation in the attic.

Cellulose Insulation Is The Solution

After doing a Home Performance Evaluation on Ben and Angie’s home, we were able to detect where the heat loss was in their Johnston, Iowa home. We Air Sealed the leaks and blew in Cellulose Insulation. Air Sealing provides the full coverage eliminating any sorts of leaks in the plumbing, wires, and other areas of the home. Cellulose Insulation is one of the best types because it is a light fluffy material that can reach a high R-Value.

Cellulose Insulation is made from recycled materials that are ground into a fluffy, lightweight material. It forms a much denser and more effective insulation layer than fiberglass.
Each home has a minimum R-Value of how insulated the home should be. Even though the home meets the minimum R-Value, a lot of the time the home is still very uninsulated.

Make Your Home Comfort #1 Priority

Noticing you are turning up the thermostat more often than usual? Reach out to us today for a free estimate on a Home Performance Evaluation and make your home comfort your #1 priority.

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