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Amy’s Cellulose Insulation Project In Clive, Iowa

Cold Rooms In Clive

Winter was taking a full effect on Amy and her husband’s Clive, Iowa home. Walking around the home, they noticed that two of their rooms above their garage were significantly colder than the other rooms. With the garage underneath them, it was an open invitation for cold air to come into then nooks and cracks. Instead of going to the thermostat to constantly turn up the heat just so those two rooms could feel comfortable, Amy and her husband were looking for a permanent solution. Turning to the internet, they started to seek out insulation companies near them when a local company down the road popped up. Amy and her husband reached out to Home Solutions of Iowa to have them come out to identify the leaks throughout their Clive, Iowa home.


fiberglass insulation
The two rooms above the garage were significantly colder than the other rooms. Going into the attic, we noticed Amy and her husband was lacking proper insulation.

Creating That Perfect Home Comfort

The first thing when we go out to the home to identify the leaks is a Heat Map Analysis. This test will give us the exact points where heat is escaping in the home. From there it can give us an idea of what insulation services are needed to provide that perfect home comfort. The attic is one of the main places we insulate. It is often under-insulated and one of the biggest reasons some rooms are feeling colder than others. We provided Amy and her husband with Air Sealing and Cellulose Insulation. First, we take all the old insulation out allowing us to Air Seal the nooks and cracks. After we Air seal all places heat could escape, we go in with Blown-in Cellulose Insulation. Cellulose Insulation has many benefits but the biggest one is it gives the ideal R-value the home needs. With Amy and her husband’s Clive, Iowa home at an R-value of 49, they have a perfectly insulated home.


cellulose insulation in clive, iowa attic
The R-Value is a way to measure how much insulation needs to be installed. For Iowa, most homes should have an R-Value anywhere from R25 to R60.
spray foam in clive, iowa attic
We Spray Foamed the rafters of Amy’s garage to provide full insulation.

Create A Comfortable Space

To learn more about what insulation services we offer, contact us today. We would gladly love to come out and provide you with a Heat Map Analysis test to identify where insulation may be lacking.

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