Project Description

Reviving a Forever Home:
HSI’s Ames Iowa Contractor Story

Since 2016, Charles and Joy treasured their wooded retreat near Ames, Iowa. But in 2023, a hailstorm caused damage and an opportunity for an exterior refresh. Thankfully, Home Solutions of Iowa (HSI), a reliable Ames Iowa Contractor with 21 years of service, helped.

Charles and Joy’s forever home suffered hail damage. They sought HSI, a trusted local contractor. With HSI’s expertise, they swiftly navigated insurance claims and efficiently communicated every step of the project. They took the chance to refresh their home’s exterior. With HSI’s assistance, their vision became reality.

Renewal Unveiled:
Ames Iowa Contractor’s Makeover

HSI specializes in maintenance-free home improvement solutions, ensuring homeowners can enjoy their properties without constant upkeep. Each product installed meets high standards of durability and performance. Backed by comprehensive warranties, homeowners have peace of mind knowing their investment is protected. Recognizing Charles and Joy’s desire for a maintenance-free home, HSI offered a complete makeover. From roofing to siding and gutters, every aspect of their home was upgraded for durability and ease of maintenance.

LeafGuard® Gutters:
Iowa’s Clog-free Solution
  • LeafGuard®: Clog-free gutters cut maintenance time and costs for Charles and Joy, ensuring worry-free water flow.

  • Custom LeafGuard® Installation: Over 250 ft of white seamless gutters keep water flowing smoothly on their Ames Iowa property.

Diamond Kote® Siding:
Revitalize with Resilience
  • Instant Curb Appeal: LP® SmartSide® Siding in Pelican color revitalizes their home’s exterior, boosting its appeal.

  • Peace-of-Mind Performance: Diamond Kote® finish on LP® SmartSide® offers 30-year warranty, low-maintenance protection.

GAF Enhanced Roofing Warranties:
Defend and Extend
  • GAF Lifetime Roofing: Timberline® AS II shingles in charcoal provide impact and wind resistance, complementing the siding’s color.

  • Master Elite Installation:  as a GAF Master Elite® Contractor our roof projects come with exclusive warranties for long-lasting protection.

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  • Completed install of LeafGuard brand gutters on this Ames Iowa home.
  • LP SmartSide Siding Diamond Kote in Pelican, revitalizing their home's exterior.

Effortless Elegance: With LeafGuard® gutters in place, Charles and Joy’s home was not only protected but also looked stunning. HSI’s expertise turned their once-damaged home into a serene sanctuary.

A Home Transformed:
From Hail Damage to Timeless Elegance

When hail hit, Charles and Joy's beloved home, a customer since 2016, got damaged. Thankfully, as a trusted contractor, HSI helped them through it.LP SmartSide Siding Diamond Kote in Pelican, revitalizing their home's exterior.

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