Project Description

Al’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Urbandale, Iowa

A Day On The Job

LeafGuard® Gutters are the product we pride ourselves on. We love getting the chance to get out and talk to homeowners about how their home could benefit from having LeafGuard® Gutters installed. We recently went out to Al’s home in Urbandale, Iowa, and followed along on the install process. From the beginning, middle, and end; we got the chance to see every aspect of how the LeafGuard® Gutter install process goes. Our qualified foreman started with tearing down the gutters, measuring out the length, and cutting the LeafGuard® Gutter to match. Next was to start hanging the new gutter!


The old gutters we pulled off of Al’s home were filled with single granules from the roof.
The old gutters on Al’s home were properly not working. Tearing them off we noticed much gunk and debris-filled in them.

Installing The Best Gutter Product

From there, they put LeafGuard® up and all around the Urbandale, Iowa home. Their old gutters were flimsy and filled up with debris from their roof. As the gutters were being installed, Al and his wife were very interested in watching the process and very talkative with the foreman. With LeafGuard® Gutters, it is a one-piece gutter system that channels the water properly while keeping the leaves and debris out. On the Urbandale, Iowa’s home; this will help with the trees overhanging the back of their home. Being older homeowners, they didn’t feel comfortable climbing on a ladder to clean out them and was tired of finding gutter maintenance. With LeafGuard®, they can say goodbye to gutter maintenance forever and enjoy the amazing benefits.

Before & After

Safeguarded With LeafGuard®

Al and his wife were so thrilled with how LeafGuard® looked on their home. They were very hesitant at first with having a gray gutter color but in the end, they were thrilled with the color choice. Walking around with Al and his wife they were so shocked at how amazing it looked. It is always hard picturing what the gutters would look like on the home but in the end, they were so thrilled with the final product.

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