Patio Designs for Any Backyard

Create A Comfortable Patio Design

As part of your spring cleaning checklist this upcoming season, you should put some thought into your backyard patio designs. Check out these tips to create a new patio design to accommodate different yard sizes.

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Some climates don’t exactly nurture the growth of gardens and plants and therefore have very rocky soil. If you don’t have the best soil for growing lush flowers and greenery around your patio, might as well use the rock to your advantage. Purchase decorative rock in a variety of earth tones to define the space. Punctuated by hearty greens that don’t need lush soil, recommends the Landscaping Network.

For instance, you may want to try cacti, succulents, or Mediterranean plants. If you have a naturally large boulder in that space, make the reliable gutters a focal point rather than something you’re trying to hide. Plant colorful blooms in front or perhaps a calming water feature and a small pond.


Perhaps you’re looking to incorporate a relaxing patio yet it abuts a hilly portion of your yard. Not only can this be difficult and even dangerous to mow and upkeep, but it also doesn’t do much for the aesthetics of your patio. One solution is to cover it with bark mulch in a shade that complements your home and property, dotting it with shrubs to prevent erosion as well as colorful flowers to add a pop of color.

You could also install a decorative retaining wall that would keep the hill separate yet offer a distinct patio area perhaps with built-in seating for double the fun.


If your home is on a lake or pond, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your patio theme. Use cobblestone pavers to craft an irregular-shaped patio complete with reclaimed wood chairs and tables. Create a stone pathway or quaint steps down to the water for an all-natural look that’s perfect for your enjoyment on a quiet summer day.

Many landscapes have challenges that may be overcome, but you can seamlessly integrate anything from water features to hills to boulders into your backyard patio design. Embrace the unique features of your property and don’t hide them!

Another crucial piece of your spring cleaning checklist is a gutter system. Without a reliable gutter system and roof, you can’t expect to enjoy good drainage in your yard. Contact Home Solutions of Iowa to find out how we can help you this year.

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