Seamless Attic Insulation for Your Home in Ankeny, IA

Top-quality attic insulation installed in a homeAre you interested in having attic insulation installed in your home? Home Solutions of Iowa is here for you. Since 2003, homeowners throughout Ankeny, Iowa, and surrounding areas have relied on Home Solutions of Iowa for top-quality attic insulation installations.

Two-Part Spray Foam Insulation

Rather than using the one-part spray foam insulation found in hardware stores, Home Solutions of Iowa has a more innovative solution for your attic insulation project. We utilize two-part spray foam insulation for maximum coverage throughout your attic. Benefits of our spray foam insulation include:

  • It creates an air barrier to prevent air leakage and improve energy efficiency.
  • This insulation helps keep insects, pollen, and dust from entering your home.
  • This type of insulation offers humidity control.
  • Our spray foam insulation helps reduce noise pollution from the outdoors.
  • It is resistant to mold and moisture.

Premium Cellulose Insulation

Another type of attic insulation to consider is cellulose insulation. Home Solutions of Iowa offers to-quality cellulose insulation that is composed of recycled materials. This type of insulation is an effective solution to protect your home from fire hazards. Some of the advantages of our cellulose insulation include:

  • It is extremely safe. Our cellulose insulation has a Class 1 fire safety rating and has been treated with a non-toxic borate solution.
  • It is blown in to prevent air leakage and improve energy efficiency.
  • This insulation is resistant to insect infestations and mold growth.
  • This type of insulation is environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Get Started Today

Contact Home Solutions of Iowa today to get started on your attic insulation project in Ankeny, IA. If you are unsure of which type of attic insulation will best suit your needs and budget, you can count on our expert technicians to make a recommendation for you.