The No Clog Gurantee Behind LeafGuard® Gutters

Our LeafGuard® Gutter System: No Clog Guarantee

Our no-clog guarantee? What does that mean? Investing in LeafGuard® Gutters will help your Iowa home in the long run. They look great and increase your home’s value by ensuring it is protected from common maintenance issues like debris in gutters. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we are proud to be the only authorized LeafGuard® dealer in the state of Iowa. This gutter system is a seamless, one-piece maintenance-free solution to clogged gutters that is made to specifically fit your home. Keep on reading to see why this gutter system is worth it over other ones on the market.

There are many benefits beyond the LeafGuard® Gutter system including the lifetime warranty that comes with the product. In terms of our warranty, LeafGuard® Gutter’s guarantee cannot be beaten. We offer a no-clog guarantee on our systems which means that if you find your LeafGuard® Gutters are failing to do what they were designed to do, we will come out free of charge and clean them. When you purchase LeafGuard® Gutters from us at Home Solutions of Iowa, you will enjoy the 100% no-clog guarantee on your gutter system for the entire time you reside in your home.

National Roofing Week Roof with LeafGuard Gutters
LeafGuard® Gutters will effectively channel water away from the home, prevent debris from building up and clogging your gutters, eliminates the possibility of your gutters leaking, and do not require cleaning or any other maintenance.

Common Q’s: No Clog Guarantee

Did you know homeowners tend to be shocked when they hear that it is a 100% no-clog guarantee? And this is because a lot of other companies only other their warranty on the product they put on the existing gutter. With LeafGuard®, since it is a one-piece system the warranty is on the whole gutter system. Curious if there are any exclusions on the warranty? Well, the only way to void the warranty is if you damage the gutters yourself. If you hire any sort of other exterior service contractors, be sure they don’t do anything that could cause issues with your gutter system. Other than that, we do not have any other hidden things behind our warranties. We love to be transparent with our customers and our warranties truly show that.

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