Minimizing Your Exterior Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Can Be A Struggle

Have you ever heard someone say “owning a home isn’t always what it is cracked up to be”? Usually, they are referring to the upkeep needed to the exterior of the home. It is known to say that home maintenance is one of the top complaints associated with homeownership. But luckily, there are many solutions to keeping exterior home maintenance at a low or even eliminated. We have compiled a list of all the common tasks that are needed to upkeep the home and lifetime solutions to consider.

Home Beaverdale Exterior Home Maintenance
Exterior home maintenance can be overwhelming for homeowners. Luckily enough, there are lifetime solutions to eliminate these tasks altogether.

Home Maintenance Tasks Throughout The Seasons


  • Clean Leaves & Debris Out From Your Gutters
  • Seal Doors To Avoid Drafts Prior To Winter
  • Check Safety Devices


    • Remove Icicles/Ice Dams From Gutters Or Roof
    • Check Your Fireplace
    • Weatherproof Your Home


    • Clean Gutters To Prepare For Spring Storms
    • Inspect Your Roof
    • Examine Your Screen Doors & Windows


      • Have Roof Inspected By A Professional
      • Trim Trees & Branches
      • Make Sure Gutters Are Cleared Of All Debris

      Exterior Home Maintenance Solutions

      Looking at the list of exterior home maintenance tasks, it is an overwhelming amount of work. In this paragraph, we have solutions to the exterior home maintenance list. For instance, gutter cleaning is a task that needs to be repeated throughout every season. Although, with a seamless one-piece gutter system, gutter maintenance can be a task completely eliminated. In other words, we offer a one-piece gutter system: LeafGuard® Gutters. This gutter system has a built-in hood that is part of the gutter itself that eliminates leaves and debris clogging up.

      Another solution to the issue of caulking up holes that would allow cold air to leak in is investing in proper insulation. With proper insulation, you can say goodbye to cold drafts, cold rooms, and high energy bills. Home Comfort Solutions by HSI feature Air Sealing, Cellulose Insulation, and Spray Foam. Therefore, these insulation services will eliminate the troublesome areas within your home.

      Lastly, the service that will allow you to throw out that exterior home maintenance list is our GAF Roofing Systems. Our GAF Roofing Systems can withstand the weather Iowa typically sees. Our top-of-the-line shingles are built for toughness, wind uplift resistance, flexibility, and fire resistance. A roof with HSI will provide your home with an enhanced curb appeal.

      • LeafGuard Windsor Heights Exterior Home Maintenance
      • Roof West Des Moines Exterior Home Maintenance
      • West Des Moines Insulation Spray Foam Home Maintenance

      Home Solutions of Iowa Is Here To Help

      Take that list, put it in the trash, and lastly call Home Solutions of Iowa. In conclusion, instead of constantly worrying about exterior maintenance every season, invest in proper gutters, roofs, and insulation. The upkeep on the home will be at a minimum allowing time to spend doing what you love. Contact us today to get set up with a free estimate. After that, one of our Home Solution Experts will come out to explain how our exterior home remodeling services will benefit your Iowa home.

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