Maximum Home Value: Gutters

Maximizing Your Exterior Home Projects: Gutters

Gutters are not the most glamorous home improvement project but they serve a critical purpose in the home value and keeping your home protected from various damages. Take a look back to the big rainstorm you had, the crazy wind, leaves, and debris flying around, and the torrential downpour of rain. Not every rain is as heavy but whether it is a light sprinkle or a storm like the Derecho, gutters handle the critical task of keeping drainage away from the home. Your gutters protect other elements like siding, windows, doors, and the foundation from water damage. Keep on reading to see the various gutter systems that you can have installed to protect your home fully.

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There are many gutter systems on the market but finding the right one for your home can be challenging. Luckily, we have broken down the various gutter systems you can install on your Iowa home and which one is the best.


DIY gutter systems are feasible for any homeowner to install on their home but a lot of problems can come out of it if not installed correctly. This is a cheap alternative able to pick up the products from the install at your local hardware store. They are very low maintenance but might not be the best decision in the long run.


A popular option with many homeowners who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money is steel gutters. The price ranges but with this type of gutter, you get what you pay for. The steel is more durable than other metals in sticking up to ladders and fallen branches. It is rust-free, long-lasting, and able to keep a shine. Like DIY gutter systems, they can do the job but in the long run, it might not be the best option for protecting the exterior of your home.

The Best Solution:

If you are looking for a low-maintenance and well-manufactured gutter product, then seamless gutters are the choice for you. Seamless gutters do not have seams and offer the best protection for your home from leaks and potential water damage. This type of gutter system is installed by specialized contractors being sure that it is installed to top perfections.

Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we offer LeafGuard® Gutters. This is a seamless one-piece maintenance-free gutter system that not only blocks leaves and debris but protects the exterior home fully. We are the only authorized source for this gutter system in the state of Iowa. With unlimited benefits, your home will be safeguarded and the best-looking home on the block.

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