The Iowa Derecho: Joe Smith’s Insight On Restoring Your Iowa Home

The Iowa Derecho: Taking Homeowners On A Ride

Almost everyone in Iowa is dealing with the aftermath of the Iowa Derecho. Our President, Joe Smith not only took time to explain what the Derecho is but also the effects on Iowa homeowner’s homes. If you haven’t heard the term Derecho yet, this is a hurricane-like storm. It is a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms. Many homeowners all throughout Iowa are struggling to deal with the daunting and dangerous tasks of accessing structural and roof damage.

Tree damage Iowa Derecho aftermath
Tree damage on Iowa home from Derecho

Joe Smith Insight on Restoring Your Iowa Home

Our President, Joe Smith sat down with Jeff Angelo on August 12th to share his insight on the importance of finding a reliable and licensed contractor, restoring the home while living through a pandemic, and the impact of the Iowa Derecho. This once-in-a-lifetime storm left many with damaged homes, and this often brings a wave of unlicensed, uninsured, and unreliable roofing contractors hoping to make a quick buck off a homeowner’s desperate situation.

Key Points To Identify If A Company Is A Storm Chaser

  • Can’t Supply Documentation of Being Insured

  • Offer To Pay Your Insurance Deductible

  • Doesn’t have a Builders License Number

  • Drives Vehicles With Out Of State Plates

  • Storm damage Iowa Derecho trees in road
  • Storm damage in Polk City
  • Polk City Iowa Derecho aftermath
  • Iowa Derecho trees fallen on home

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