Freezing Temperatures Are Approaching

With the temperatures dropping drastically, this is the time to start preparing for the colder months to come. If this winter is anything like last winter (which they are predicting), it is crucial to make sure your home is winter-ready before those freezing temps set in. Here is a helpful checklist that you can use to use to make sure your home is 100% winter-ready.

Cold rooms in Des Moines, Iowa.

Keeping You Comfortable In Your Central Iowa Home

Here are a few things you can do on your end to prepare for winter.

  1. Weatherproof your home: Installing storm doors and windows will prevent cold air from entering your home or heat from escaping it. It will also help to reduce your power bills.
  2. Check your Fireplace: Animal nests or buildup in your fireplace can be hazardous. Have an inspection before building your first fire of the winter season to make sure everything is safe to run.
  3. Block the Cold: Caulk around the windows to prevent cold air from entering your home. Most of the heat loss occurs from openings in the attic. Check to make sure you have enough insulation. If you are unsure, call a reliable contractor for help.
  4. Protect Your Plants: With the cold temperatures, your plants can’t handle being outside in that weather. Bring plants and flowering trees inside before the temperatures dip below 45 degrees.
  5. Figure out Your Preferred Temperature: In the Fall, many people allow the temperature to match the climate outside, rarely running any air-condition or furnace. Take advantage and note what temperature feels a little cool for you. Run the furnace one to two degrees above that giving you the comfortable temps but still keeping the low cost.
  6. Turn Your Ceiling Fan to Run in Winter Mode: During winter you’ll want to run your ceiling fans with the intent of distributing the warm air that collects near the ceiling around the room. To do this, you’ll run them at a slow pace with the air blowing upwards. Make sure you flip the directional switch on your ceiling fan.

Bringing The Solution To The Comfort To Your Des Moines Area Home

As always, Home Solutions of Iowa is here to help you get your house winter-ready. We offer our Home Comfort Plan to help make sure your home has all the solutions for winter. From our manufacturer Dr. Energy Saver, we have a few different kinds of insulation that will solve the troublesome areas within your home: Spray Foam Insulation, Cellulose Insulation, and Rigid Foam Insulation. Contact us to have a whole-house comfort evaluation done on your home!