It’s National Marketing Day

Celebrating Our Marketing Professionals On National Marketing Day

It’s National Marketing Day! On January 11th, we take time to recognize and celebrate all of those working in the marketing industry. Marketing has grown exponentially throughout the years from the various different types of advertising, social media, and ways to track data. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we want to recognize the ones who make up our marketing department; our Marketing Director: Brent, and our Marketing Specialist: Becca. Both of them are important parts of our day-to-day procedures spending great amounts of time finding new ways to brand, showcase, and advertise for our company. Here is a glimpse into a normal day as the Marketing Department at Home Solutions of Iowa.

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brent on national marketing day

National Marketing Day: Marketing Director

Meet Brent, the guy who manages the marketing department; holding many different hats. Some of the main tasks he takes on as the Marketing Director are managing lead generation campaigns, developing marketing and communication strategies based on our customer’s data, and creating a wide spectrum of multi-media marketing materials for direct mail, videos, digital advertising, and trade show booth designs.

Brent loves how each day in the office is different. He enjoys being creative whether that be designing a new multi-media piece, brainstorming new and authentic ideas for the company, or figuring out the next trend to try out. Creating goals for our business and/or customers is something he strives in wanting to meet and thoroughly enjoys when those goals are met. Some of his other favorite parts of his job include being able to see/hear positive feedback from a design he may have created, a marketing campaign he started, and hearing about customer experiences.

National Marketing Day: Marketing Specialist

Becca is our Marketing Specialist here at Home Solutions of Iowa. As many will say, a day as a Marketing Specialist is never the same. Day in and day out Becca is creating content for our social media platforms, engaging with other exterior remodeling companies and local businesses throughout the area, and writing blogs on products and topics to educate the customer.

A huge social media lover, Becca is always finding new ways to produce content that will engage and educate the consumer. While she may always hope we go Tik-Tok viral, she is helping the company create more authentic content posting on social media in ways we may not think of. Becca loves being able to grow her knowledge on all things marketing, getting to learn about an important and unique industry not many people know about, and seeing the positive feedback from her blogs and social media posts she creates.

Thank You, Becca & Brent

We want to say thank you for all the hard work Becca and Brent put in daily. The marketing team is always seeking out various ways to grow the Home Solutions of Iowa brand whether that be through social media, community engagement, or talking at trade/home shows. Happy National Marketing Day!

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