Is Your Home Office Comfortable?

Creating That Perfect Home Office Space

With 2020 being the year of more people working from home, creating a cozy and comfortable home office has been high on the list. Maybe you got a new desk, added some photos of your friends and family, invested in dual monitors, or added some nice decor. But, with Winter fast approaching that cozy space might start feeling a little uncomfortable if your home is lacking insulation. Winter is one of the seasons where you can easily tell if heat is escaping from your home but here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we have the perfect insulation services to give you the comfortable workspace you are seeking out.

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Create A Fully Insulated Office Space

To create that comfortable home office space, we have the insulation services you are looking for. To start the process we do a few different tests to figure out where exactly your energy is lacking. We run a full Home Performance Test to help us determine the exact problem areas. Not only do we do an infrared thermal imaging test but we also recommend running a Blower Door Test. Both of these tests gives us a detailed image of where the heat is escaping. From there we will recommend one of our insulation services based on what we found from the results of the Home Performance Test.

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Our Insulation Services

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At Home Solutions of Iowa, we are committed to your Iowa home as you are. We are here to help you keep your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and more affordable all year long. Contact us today to get set up with our complete Home Performance Evaluation! Our experts will gladly come out to your Iowa home and help you solve the heat loss problems you are experiencing.

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