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New Intern Addition to HSI

The end of this week marks our intern Mattie’s first month at Home Solutions of Iowa! Mattie is working closely with our marketing department and will be with our team through August. She will be a junior at the University of Iowa this year and is getting her undergraduate degree in business analytics with goals to continue her education and pursue her master’s degree. Our purpose at HSI is to help prepare Mattie for her future in business analytics. With this opportunity, Mattie will have hands-on experience and gain insight into consumer trends in the home improvement industry.

“Here at HSI, we’re happy to have Mattie join us and be a part of the team. What I was looking for going into this was insight from kids coming up through college, looking to them and what knowledge they’re learning. We’re excited, we’re making history! This is the first-ever intern here at Home Solutions of Iowa and hopefully will be the first of many to come. Super excited for Mattie joining our team, fitting right in, and the wealth of knowledge she has already brought to us. Proud to have her and super excited going forward.”
– Joe Smith

Mattie Lehman Intern at HSI
“I am so excited to be a part of the HSI marketing team for the summer, to gain real-world experience in a well-run, exciting, and fast-paced environment.” -Mattie Lehman, Intern at HSI

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