2023 Insulation Tax Credit

Unlock Your Home’s Ultimate Comfort Potential and Save Big!

Are you looking to enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency, all while enjoying significant savings through the Federal Insulation Tax Credit? Look no further! At Home Solutions of Iowa, we’re your go-to destination for energy-efficient home upgrades, and we have some fantastic news to share.

Federal Government Tax Credit on Sealing and Insulation Products
30% of cost up to $1,200

The federal government offers a tax credit on the purchase of sealing and insulation products. Offer valid 01/01/2023 through 12/31/2032.

When you choose us for your home comfort improvements, you’re not only investing in a cozier, more inviting living space but also taking full advantage of valuable tax credits. 
Picture of an installer air sealing an attic space in Iowa for the Federal Insulation Tax Credit.

Unleash Your Insulation Tax Credits

In addition to the remarkable benefits of our energy-efficient equipment installations and home improvements, there are annual aggregate limits that work to your advantage. You’ll be pleased to know that the overall total limit for an efficiency tax credit in one year is a generous $3,200.

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Energy-Efficient Tech Upgrades with Insulation Tax Credits

Families have the flexibility to implement these upgrades and cash in on these insulation tax credits at their own pace, aligning with their specific equipment replacement needs. The comprehensive list of upgrades encompasses:

  • Elevate your home’s comfort with an ENERGY STAR certified air source heat pump, offering both clean and highly efficient heating and cooling solutions to enhance your living environment. 

  • Embrace the future of hot water heating with an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heater, delivering super-efficient performance to provide an abundant and energy-saving supply of hot water.  

  • Take control of your home’s climate with an ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat, equipped with intelligent climate controls that adapt to your preferences for optimal comfort and energy savings.

  • Enhance your home’s energy efficiency and curb energy waste with high-performing ENERGY STAR certified windows and storm windows, designed to keep your living space comfortable year-round.

  • Optimize your home’s insulation and air sealing with a comprehensive attic upgrade, ensuring that your attic space is well-insulated and tightly sealed, resulting in improved comfort and energy savings

  • Future-proof your residence with an electric vehicle charger-ready home, offering a convenient and eco-friendly solution for electric vehicle owners, making it easier to transition to clean transportation. 

Start with the Attic:
Air Sealing + Insulation

Inadequate attic insulation and air leaks force your heating and cooling systems to overexert, causing energy inefficiency and discomfort year-round. If your insulation falls at or below the level of the floor joists in your attic, it’s likely time to consider adding more insulation for improved energy efficiency and home comfort.

Ensuring a well-sealed and properly insulated attic is a crucial step in your home upgrade and it’s now an incentive: Insulation Tax Credit. For over 20 years we have minimized air leaks, boosted energy efficiency, and enhanced Iowa homes. Explore our Attic insulation and air sealing packages offered by HSI for an even more comprehensive solution. Let’s make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Useful Insulation Tax Credit Resources:

ENERGY STAR – Seal and Insulate Program
ENERGY STAR – Insulation Tax Credit Hub

By choosing Home Solution of Iowa, you’re making the smart choice for your home’s comfort and your wallet. Weatherize your home and reap the benefits of these incredible tax credits! Say goodbye to discomfort and high energy use, and say hello to a more healthy and cozy home.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Contact us today, and let’s start your journey toward a more comfortable, energy-efficient home while maximizing your tax credits. Your home, your comfort, and your savings await!

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