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What is Spray Foam Insulation?

You probably have heard of spray foam insulation, and you may have even used the foam that comes in pressured spray cans at hardware stores. This foam is known as one-part foam, meaning that it is one continuous mix that is simply applied to the area in need.

One-part foam is frequently used for Air Sealing Your Home air sealing gaps and cracks. For large jobs, we use two-part foam, which comes in larger containers. With 2-part spray foam, it’s necessary to mix separate resin and catalyst compounds at the application nozzle.

Combining these ingredients starts a chemical reaction that creates expanding foam. 2-part spray foam offers higher R-values for the wall, floor, and roofing assemblies.

Benefits of Spray Foam

Spray foam provides an air barrier to wherever it is applied to help diminish air leakage from the home. A well-sealed envelope increases comfort, reduces noise from outside, lessens pollen, dust, and insects entering your home, and provides better humidity control.

Spray foam insulation outperforms other insulation materials in terms of R-value, resistance to mold and moisture damage, durability, air sealing, and versatility.

Expert Advice

Before you decide on spray foam or another method of insulation, it’s important to understand the superiority of spray foam compared to traditional materials.

When compared to fiberglass batts, spray foam offers nearly double the R-value per inch, achieves air-sealing and insulation in one step, won’t be damaged by mold or moisture, and won’t settle, compress, or otherwise be damaged to the point it needs replacement.

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Home Solutions of Iowa can improve your home’s efficiency with spray foam insulation.
Home Solutions of Iowa can improve your home’s efficiency with spray foam insulation.

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