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Provide complete air sealing services by identifying the sources of these problems in your home.

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Air Sealing:
Eliminating Leaks To Make Your Home More Comfortable & Efficient

We can air seal a wide variety of places like your plumbing and wiring penetrations through floors, walls, and ceilings. Air leakage happens throughout the home as the air you pay to condition slips through joints, cracks, and other openings. This process naturally forces your heating and cooling system to work harder and will make your home too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

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Identify The Source Of Air Leakage

Home Solutions of Iowa are experts in identifying the sources of these problems in your home and providing complete air sealing services. We can help you eliminate leaks and make your home more comfortable and efficient. If you’re interested in air sealing for your home, call us today to get started!

air sealing install
Plumbing and wiring  through floors, walls, and ceilings
air sealing attic access
Attic access hatches, doors, and drop-down stairs
air sealing trim
Gaps around window and door trim
spray foam and air sealing installation rim joist
Rim joist in the basement or crawl spaces
air sealing electrical wiring
Electrical outlets and switches
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Improve Your Home’s Efficiency & Comfort

If you’re having problems with uncomfortable rooms and high heating and cooling bills, the home insulation experts at Home Solutions of Iowa are here to help. We can test your home for air leakage problems and provide you with the air sealing services you need. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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“The insulation team from HSI was fantastic. They worked hard and cleaned every spec of debris.”

Pat H., West Des Moines

“Thank you for sending an excellent foreman and crew, I’m happy with the insulation and roof!”

Shelly W., Des Moines

“HSI did a fantastic job on my whole-house insulation. Instantly felt a difference in the temperature of the house after the job was complete.”

Carl, Mount Ayr

“I was satisfied with their communication. We were informed every step of the way.”

Linda B., Pleasant Hill

“HSI was wonderful to work with.”

Maggie H. , Grimes

“I am so happy I went with Home Solutions of Iowa.”

Lisa W., Des Moines

“We had additional insulation and air sealing done to our new spec home and we’re very happy with the result!”

Justin A., Adel

“Very professional and easy to work with company.”

Brian K., Boone

“The explanation on how my insulation project was going to go was explained very well. The estimator and installers were very helpful and easy to work with.”

Matt H., Grimes

“The best working team we’ve experienced!”

Pat H., West Des Moines

“Great men to work with & informative about what they are & will do.”

Mary N., West Des Moines

“Good quality of materials. On time and kept me informed along the way.”

Anna R., Des Moines

Your Hub for Federal Insulation Tax Credit Information: Unlock Savings and Comfort

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We offer insulation services, so you can stay comfortable in your home year-round!

Many people don’t know the exact cause of Ice Dams forming on their homes. The main issue the majority of the time is heat escaping your home!

  • No More Cold Drafts
  • No More Cold Feet
  • Helps Prevent Ice Dams

Providing insulation services for homeowners in Des Moines and throughout Iowa

In Iowa, no one wants to deal with rooms that are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter or inconsistent temperatures in the house. HSI offers a free heat map evaluation that can identify what’s causing these problems so that the right solutions can be made to restore your home’s home comfort.

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