Insulation Mistakes To Avoid

Let’s Avoid Insulation Mistakes This Fall

Homeowners tend to think that just adding more insulation in their attic will solve their home comfort problem but in reality, this is one of the top insulation mistakes you can make. Properly insulating your home is a crucial task in providing a comfortable home, lowering energy costs, and protecting your home’s health. The average household can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs simply by properly insulating their home. It’s important to select a contractor that is knowledgeable on the best ways to install home insulation. We have compiled a list of common insulation mistakes homeowners make in Iowa and the best way to solve these issues.

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Common Insulation Mistakes

  • Forgetting to Air Seal: Insulation does act as a barrier to slow the rate of heat entering and exiting the home but is not intended to stop air movement completely. The area between unconditioned and conditioned spaces can undo all the hard work that goes into installing insulation.

  • Obstructing Air Flow: Roof ventilation is important in proper airflow throughout the attic. Many homes have soffit or wall vents designed to allow air to enter the attic and pass out through the vents on the roof. This can help with humidity issues in the attic. Without a proper insulation installer, this can be overlooked, obstructing proper airflow.

  • Utilizing Expired Spray Foam: Many DIY insulation contractors or homeowners will purchase the cheapest spray foam they can find to begin their insulation installation. It is very important to make sure you have a fresh batch or turn to a professional insulation installer who will use high-quality materials.

  • Not Properly Applying Enough Insulation: The most common mistake made is not being thorough enough. If there are gaps and holes left, then the whole job is pointless. It is important to make sure every nook and crack is sealed up for a proper energy-efficient home.

Call HSI To Fix Your Insulation

Our factory-trained and factory-certified team represent decades of experience. We are passionate about providing Iowa homeowners with the best possible products and lifetime workmanship warranties. If you feel unsure about your insulation, give us a call. Our staff will come out and provide you with the best solutions for your Iowa home.

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