Is It Worth Insulating The Rim Joist?

A Common Question: Is Insulating Rim Joist Necessary?

When the Winter season rolls around, homeowners tend to look at their insulation. A big concern we often hear is if insulating the Rim Joist is necessary. The rim joist is part of the structure of a floor. It provides support for the joists themselves. It is also an area where cold air can seep in. To prevent unwanted energy loss and cold homes, it is crucial to have proper insulation installed in the Rim Joist area.

Rim Joist Cold drafts
An underinsulated rim joist will allow hot air to leak out and cold air to leak in.

The Best Insulation Type For Insulating Rim Joist

To have an easy and cheap fix, homeowners can go to the local hardware store to buy fiberglass insulation to stuff in the rim joist area. While this may fix the issue for the current winter season, the energy issues will likely become a problem again. At Home Solutions of Iowa, we recommend Air Sealing and Spray Foam Insulation. These two types of insulation are superior in terms of longevity and ultimate comfort. Air Sealing reduces drafts and heat loss through caulking in the smallest of spaces. After Air Sealing, we highly recommend Spray Foaming the Rim Joist area fully. Spray Foam is a better choice due to the R-Value it can achieve and air tightness. It works to eliminate mold and mildew and provides the best insulation solution.

Call A Professional Contractor For Insulation Help

Understanding insulation is a confusing task. A professional contractor like Home Solutions of Iowa has a whole Home Comfort process they take on with every customer. It starts with a Heat Map Evaluation. This helps identify the areas where heat is escaping in the home, giving us the perfect view of where to insulate. From there, we use our top-of-line insulation products to install in the Rim Joist area and around the other parts of the home.

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