Ice Dams Can Lead to Wet Basements This Spring

Tips To Help Prevent Wet Basements

Snowmelt and rainwater have the potential to cause major damage to your property causing wet basements. Water can make its way down to your foundation walls in a number of ways, creating pressure that will eventually cause leaks – unless something is in place to stop it. A few simple steps can help prevent you from walking downstairs to find your finished basement full of water.

Wet basements
Water pooling around the home eventually degrades concrete and mortar foundations. Homes with improper drainage are susceptible to foundation damage from water.

Wet Basements From Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters are a key component of your home’s drainage system. Keep your gutters clog-free and in good condition. The use of downspout extensions will move the runoff water further away from your home’s foundation, preventing water and ice buildup.

Ground Slope

Redirecting runoff water plays a significant role in keeping your complete basement dry. The ground surrounding your home should slope down, so water can naturally run away from the home.

Remove Snow

Anytime there is an excess amount of water in or on top of the ground around your home, there is a higher chance that water will seep through the foundation and cause a wet basement. Consider shoveling the accumulated snow away from the home before melting occurs.


Attic insulation and air sealing play a large role in preventing potential ice dams. A properly insulated home will help reduce the buildup of ice around the eves and allow snow to melt slowly off of the roof. In turn, snowmelt will run into the gutters and away from your home.

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