Ice Dam Solutions:

Reduce The Risk and Improve the Overall Comfort of Your Home

It’s important to note that an ice dam is a serious problem. When heavy snow buildup melts during the day and then refreezes when temperatures drop overnight, an ice dam can occur. The melted snow is aided by warm air in the attic space that heats the underside of a roof. We can help make your home more comfortable and efficient – while reducing the risk of an ice dam. If you’re interested in our proven ice dam solutions for your home, call us today to get started!

Our Proven Ice Dam Solutions:

Air sealing and insulating can help reduce icicles on your home by preventing warm air from leaking out of your living space and into the attic. This can prevent the snow on your roof from melting and refreezing into icicles. Additionally, insulating your attic can help to keep the temperature in the attic more consistent, which can also prevent the formation of icicles.

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Heat loss: As the melted snow makes its way down the roof, it eventually comes in contact with the deck over the eaves, which are not exposed to heat from the attic. This is where the ice generally begins to form. Proper insulation is essential for energy efficiency and comfort in a home, especially in the Midwest where the weather can be harsh during the winter.

To see the best result, it’s important to hire a local, licensed professional and do a proper energy evaluation before starting the process. At Home Solutions of Iowa, we are celebrating 20 years of being a fully licensed and insured contractor with a long list of happy customers. We’re the company you can trust with all of your home improvement needs.

Overall, air sealing and insulating your attic can help to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality of your home, and reduce the risk of ice damming.

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Home Solutions of Iowa’s Attic Air sealing + Insulation System can provide several benefits:

  • Reduced risk of ice damming: Air sealing and proper insulation can help to prevent warm air from entering the attic and melting the snow on the roof, which can reduce the risk of ice damming.

  • Increased energy efficiency: Insulating and Air sealing can prevent warm air from escaping from your living space, which can help to reduce your heating costs during the winter.

  • Improved indoor air quality: Air sealing can help to prevent drafts and unwanted outside air from entering your home, which can improve the overall quality of the air inside your home.

  • Increased comfort: By preventing drafts and leaks, air sealing can help to make your home more comfortable, especially during the colder months of the year.

  • Reduced condensation: Air sealing can help to reduce the amount of moisture that enters the attic, which can prevent condensation and mold growth.

Home Air Sealing + Insulation Experts

Home Solutions of Iowa specializes in recognizing the sources of these problems in your home and providing comprehensive air sealing services. We can help make your home more comfortable and efficient – while eliminating air leaks. If you’re interested in air sealing for your home, call us today to get started!

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