Humidity In The Home: Summer Edition

Humidity Levels In Summer

We’ve hit the peak of summer heat. Not only are we experiencing some of the hottest temperatures of the year but we are also feeling the effects of increased humidity. The soaring summer heat can put a damper on enjoying the outdoors but excessive humidity can also creep into your home and affect your comfort and health. The damp, muggy feeling can cause you to feel warmer which thinking lowering the thermostat is the solution. Lowering the thermostat impacts your energy bills to go through the roof.

Humidity in the home summer edition

Humidity In The Home: Indicators Of Terrible Insulation

Too much humidity has negative effects on you and your home. A lack of insulation and improper working air conditioner can lead to unwanted moisture making your energy bill higher and an uncomfortable home overall. Some indicators you might be experiencing too much humidity include muggy conditions, mold growth, and discomfort when sleeping. Insulation will help prevent overheating in the home by trapping the cool air and saving you money on your energy bill.

Humidity In The Home: Maximize Home Comfort

  • Block Out The Unwanted Sun: Install blinds, drapes, and curtains to block out the rays to minimize the effect of the sunshine
  • Create Ideal Air Circulation: If you have excellent insulation, all the heat produced during the day won’t escape unless you allow it back outside. Install fans to circulate the air throughout the rooms.
  • Reach Out To A Professional: Call a professional contractor to help diagnose and solve your improper insulation issues. They will run a Heat Map Evaluation to identify the areas that are impacting the humidity in the home.

The best option for improving the overall health of the home would be upgrading the insulation in your home. Our Home Comfort Plan is designed to identify problem areas in the home. This evaluation’s primary purpose is for us to accurately identify and locate the causes of trouble within your home. From there, we will be able to explain what is causing your issues, and exactly what we will

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