Humidity In The Home – Winter Edition

Humidity Levels In Winter

In the winter, the natural humidity level drops significantly, making our homes feel less comfortable. Increasing the humidity can have many benefits for comfort, cleanliness, and overall health. There are many ways to add humidity to the home in the winter with these helpful tips below.

attic insulation air leak infographic
A big cause of lack of humidity in the home is an underinsulated attic. With multiple ways for heat to leak out, the home can become dry and uncomfortable.

Tips For Increasing Humidity In The Winter

  • Add Houseplants To The Home: Indoor plants not only add decor and ambiance to the home but also help purify the air and add to the humidity level. Properly watered plants will release vapor from the leaves and stem into the air. The best choices for humidity boosting are tropicals with large leaves and plants that do well in dry conditions.
  • Use Shower Steam: Make the best use of steam from the shower to blow moisture into the home.
  • Upgrade Doors, Windows, & Weatherstripping: In the winter, inefficient doors and windows leak out heat and moisture. Energy costs and the home environment is less comfortable. Seal up cracks to keep your home warm, moist air inside and the cold, dry air outside.
  • Install A Humidifier: Perhaps one of the easiest solutions for controlling the house humidity is to use a humidifier. This is one of the top options in controlling the levels in your home.
  • Upgrade Your Homes Insulation: The last and best option for improving the overall health of the home would be upgrading the insulation of your home. Air can leak out through openings all over the home including the attic. An easy solution is to call an insulation contractor to come out and run a Heat Map Performance test to identify the areas that are creating an uncomfortable home. Having proper insulation will lower energy costs and improve the home’s environment.

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