How to Stop Air From Leaking Around a Door

Does your home feel drafty, even though all of your windows and doors are closed? Is there ever-present cold air that constantly prompts you to get up and adjust your thermostat? If yes, then there is a chance that air is leaking into your home.

Often air leakage comes from vulnerable areas, such as windows and doors, as these are easy access points to the outside. For example, if your door has narrow openings between it and the surrounding frame, then outside air is likely to seep through. This is a nuisance, especially in the winter months, as it can allow an unwanted chill to permeate your home.

How To Stop Air From Leaking Around A Door

Air Leaking Solutions

Air Sealing Your Home

Air Sealing

Of all the air leakage solutions, air sealing is the most effective remedy. Comprised of caulks and foams, air sealing is a foolproof measure for closing up cracks and holes around your doorway. Once specific infiltration spots have been located, air sealing will fill in these crevices, preventing any further spread.

Air sealing is not only helpful for your leaky doorway. This sealing technique can also be applied in and around the following:

  • Plumbing and wiring through floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Attic access, hatches, drop-down stairs
  • Gaps around window trim
  • Rim joists in basements and crawl spaces
  • Electrical outlets and switches

No matter the project, you can feel confident that air sealing will eliminate continuous trips to the thermostat and alleviate further concern regarding outside air coming into your home.

What’s more, air sealing will help your home maintain a consistently comfortable temperature, which will reduce stress on your HVAC system, and may even lower your monthly energy expenses—making for a wise investment.

If you have a drafty doorway and want to seal off leaking air, then contact Home Solutions of Iowa. We have the experience and skillset to perfectly close the gaps and cracks around your door frames and prevent further drafts from coming into your home. Once we complete the air sealing process, your home should no longer feel drafty or cold.

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