How To Prevent Frost and Ice Inside Your Iowa Home

Cold Temperatures Bring Frost To Windows

Windows develop frost when the cold air from the outside cools the glass of windows, causing condensation to form when the warmer air in the house comes into contact with the window. This moisture can freeze if the temperature outside is cold enough. Here are a few helpful preventions.

Frost in attic of Iowa home

Weatherize Windows

Weatherizing windows against the winter cold is one way to do away with frost on the windows. Windows develop moisture when cold air seeps in, which in frigid temperatures can lead to frost. Seal the outside edges of the windows with caulk and replace any worn-out weather stripping found inside the window tracks.

Utilize A Dehumidifier

High humidity can also lead to frost on the windows. The easiest way to solve this problem is to reduce the humidity in the home. A dehumidifier will not only decrease the humidity but also cuts the chance of frost forming on the windows.

Warm Your Home

Keeping your home at a sufficient temperature can help prevent windows from frosting over. A quick tip is to put a space heater in rooms that are more prone to cold air seeping in.

Invest In Insulation Services By HSI

While these are all great tips and easy solutions to combat the frost issue right away, they won’t solve the issue long-term. The best solution you could make for your Iowa home is to have a professional out to help with identifying how insulation could help your home. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, our team is passionate about providing homeowners with the best possible products and lifetime workmanship warranties. Once we know what is causing your home comfort issues, we can recommend the right insulation services solutions for your needs.

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