Don’t Get Left In The Cold: Home Comfort Problems

Diagnosing Your Home Comfort Problems

When it comes to improving your home comfort problems and energy efficiency of your home, we have to look at your home as a system. That’s a lot to look at. From how warm and cool air is produced, to how the heat escapes each room (or re-enters in the summer) – there are many things to consider. It’s called the “whole house approach”, and it’s the only way anyone can tell what your home’s priorities are. You don’t want to go fixing the least important problem just because you know it’s a problem, while other more important issues are left untouched. You will not get the best results in comfort or the best rate of return on effort or money.

home thermal imaging test
hsi thermal heat map test

Home Comfort Problems: Home Performance Evaluation

With a Home Performance Evaluation by Home Solutions of Iowa, we can locate the problem areas of your home and find a solution. There are many contractors who can do SOME insulation, install a radiant barrier in your attic or replace your windows. In fact, many only offer one or two products. For example, if I am a window replacement contractor that offers a free energy evaluation – guess what my advice will be to make your home more energy efficient? Window replacement. If I am an insulation contractor, then I will suggest insulation.

As Iowa’s home solution expert, we look at your home as a whole. We offer free Home Performance Evaluations that can include heat map evaluations and blower door tests. The more we know about your home and the issues at hand, the quicker we can find the right solution.

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