How Air Leaks Affect Your Iowa Home

Why are air leaks so common in homes throughout the Midwest? Every joint where floors or walls meet, every nail hole, and every HVAC, plumbing, and electrical system has created a gap that allows air to enter or exit the home. Home Air Sealing is the solution to these air leaks we experience in Iowa.

Hot air moves from more to less, meaning warm air in your home works its way outside in the winter. This means that your HVAC system has to work harder and longer while you deal with uncomfortable rooms and levels in your home.

Home Solutions of Iowa specializes in recognizing the sources of heat loss in your home and provides comprehensive air sealing services.

From the initial build of your home, these small gaps and penetrations are not to blame for the contractor. Every home is built this way. However, you can eliminate these issues with air sealing from Home Solutions of Iowa.

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Here are some of the locations where air leakage occurs in a typical house:
  • Chimney access through insulated exterior walls and ceilings

  • Attic access hatches, doors and drop-down stairs

  • Recessed lights (Can lights) and ceiling fans

  • Plumbing and wiring penetrations through ceilings

  • Gaps and holes in drywall or plaster

  • Dropped ceilings & soffits

  • Rim joists in the basement or crawl space

Home Air Sealing Experts

Home Solutions of Iowa specializes in recognizing the sources of these problems in your home and providing comprehensive air sealing services. We can help make your home more comfortable and efficient – while eliminating air leaks. If you’re interested in air sealing for your home, call us today to get started!

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