Highlighting Our Roofing Supervisor

Highlighting Our Roofing Team: Roofing Supervisor

The first full week of June is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing those in the roofing industry. At HSI, we have been helping homeowners achieve roofs that can withstand the changing weather Iowa experiences for over 12 years. Our roofing team does an exceptional job at this but one employee who has been a huge help in making sure our roofing projects run smoothly is Luis Garcia, our Roofing Supervisor. Learn more about him below.

Luis Garcia, roofing supervisor

Recognizing Our Roofing Supervisor

Luis Garcia is the one who oversees our roofing projects. Being a Roofing Supervisor comes with a lot of responsibilities. He goes out to projects all across Iowa to help provide expertise, talk with the roofing crews, and help with finishing any tasks that are needed for the project. Constantly interacting with customers has become one of his favorite parts of his job. He loves being able to hear their stories, what they love about their projects, and helping homeowners understand their roofing project from start to finish.

Traveling across Iowa, Luis has been able to experience Iowa in a different way. One of his fondest memories includes going to Iowa City to help finish a roof installation. Introducing himself to the customer, the customer couldn’t stop raving about how much he loved his roof and his experience with HSI. The happy smile and experience made Luis’s day. This has become one of the best things Luis loves about his job. To see a happy customer at the end of the process immediately makes the hard day of work worth it.

Luis’s start in the roofing industry kinda fell in his lap. Looking for a change from the landscaping business, he came across Home Solutions of Iowa. It happened by surprise but it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

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