Gutter Maintenance Tips for Any Weather


With the arrival of snow and ice storms comes the risk of ice dams that can damage your roof and gutter systems. Gutter maintenance is a task that needs to be done before the winter season. Making sure your gutters are not clogged up before the winter hits are key to ensure melting snow and ice is allowed to flow freely. If you’re experiencing roof leaks and ice damming, improper insulation and ventilation can be the culprit.

This can build up on your gutters and cause them to sag. This poses a safety risk as gutters filled with ice can empty out onto the ground below, possibly hitting people or pets. By heeding these gutter maintenance tips, you can ensure a safe, properly operating system that does its job in all seasons and even in extreme weather. For advice regarding maintenance tips and your gutters, contact Home Solutions of Iowa today. You can also request a free quote right on our website. We are your trusted choice when it comes to durable, long-lasting gutter systems!

snow on top of open style gutters falling off home


During the rainy season, your gutters are working overtime to divert rainwater away from the home’s foundation. If clogged up, the rain will have a harder time getting through, and you’ll experience a buildup of water and debris that can pull your gutters away from the home and cause other damage, says Home tips. Every spring, inspect your gutters to not only ensure they’re clean but also attached securely as well. After a severe windstorm, check your gutters once again to ensure secure attachment.


In the summer, intense heat can really do a number on your gutters. If you failed to clean them out from the previous spring and fall, they can get clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris. Did you know these are the perfect conditions for a fire to spark? So the first line of defense is to always ensure your gutters are free from debris. When it gets hot out, your gutters tend to expand. Incidentally, this happens in extreme cold as well.

This is particularly so with vinyl gutters that are in the hot sun all day with no shade. Thanks to all this expanding and contracting with the seasons, your gutters can warp over time, and even fade due to the UV rays of the sun. Having lots of trees and shrubbery around your home can help shield your gutters from the constant sun all day. Another option is to install clog-free LeafGuard® Gutters which prevent twigs and leaves from accumulating and prevent flooding or other problems.

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