Spring Gutter Maintenance Is A Must

Spring Gutter Maintenance: Much Needed

We often focus heavily on Fall gutter maintenance, but the truth is Spring gutter maintenance is just as important. In the Fall, the sight of overflowing leaves in your gutters is an eyesore and a good indication that the gutters are unable to perform correctly. In the Spring, leaves may be noticeable, but with extreme cold Waukee winters, your gutters and home may have experienced additional damage that you haven’t seen in previous years.

Clogged Gutters
  • Sagging or Separated Gutters: Look at your gutters and if you see them falling away from your home, then it is crucial to get a new gutter system ASAP. Without fixing this issue, the damage can be further done to your siding, roof, and home foundation.

  • Peeling Paint: Water trickling down the side of your home can cause the paint to peel. This may be an indication that your gutter system has holes, cracks, gaps, or your gutters are clogged up. If left without fixing, this can lead to serious damage to your home.

  • Eroded Landscaping & Flooded Basements: If you are noticing pools of water on your landscape or if your basement is flooding, this is a sign that your gutters aren’t working correctly. Gutters properly not channeling water can cause it to get into places it shouldn’t like your flower beds and the basement.

  • Gutters Pulling Away from The Roof: If your gutters are pulling away from the roof, this is a sign that your fascia board could be rotting. Water will seep into your home’s fascia board and rot over time. Another sign of this is noticing water running down your siding due to your gutters being clogged up with leaves and debris.

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Enjoy Spring Gutter Maintenance With LeafGuard®

Remembering to maintain your gutters should be something you don’t have to worry about. Life is already busy enough and gutter maintenance shouldn’t have to be one of those things you worry about. The best choice you could make for your Waukee, Iowa home is having LeafGuard® Gutters installed. LeafGuard® is a lifetime solution where you will be able to enjoy life and not have to stress over gutter maintenance.

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