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Stay Comfy In Your Central Iowa Home With Eco-friendly Insulation

It is time to go eco-friendly. Iowa’s winters are always interesting with the extreme wind and freezing temperatures. Winter is the perfect time to stay cooped up under a warm blanket and enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa at home. Winter is also the time you may start to feel drafts of cold air throughout your home. If you feel like you keep needing to crank up your heat to stay warm, there could be an issue with losing heat from lack of/poor insulation. Cranking up your heat is also making your energy bill more expensive. Instead of spending more money, save with a well-insulated home by trusting a local, licensed, and insured insulation contractor to seal your home.

spraying cellulose in attic
Cellulose insulation offers impressive versatility in terms of application possibilities. The small particles form an insulation material that conforms to most spaces without disturbing the structure or finish.
picture of a Heat Map evaluation on a winter home
Insulation by Home Solutions of Iowa’s trained energy experts can come out and test, inspect, and speak with you about how we can improve the comfort of your home.

Environmentally Safe Eco-Friendly Insulation

We offer three different types of insulation all fitting to your need as a homeowner. They are all perfect for keeping your home energy-efficient and getting rid of your cold drafts in your home. Cellulose Insulation is one of our best insulation types because it is made completely of recycled and environmentally safe materials making it an eco-friendly option. It contains a fluffy and lightweight material. It is much better for your health because it doesn’t contain any fiberglass which tends to cause irritation to the skin. Cellulose Insulation is also safer as it is less of a fire hazard than traditional fiberglass. Since this is blown in and fills more space, it blocks air from “fueling the flame” giving it the highest fire safety rating.

Quality And Versatile Insulation Services

Cellulose Insulation forms a more dense layer than fiberglass where we suggest having your home air sealed first to make sure your home is fully insulated. Air sealing will help with making sure no air is leaking from your home. This will keep your home fully secured from any air getting out. This is the perfect insulation to conform to your space that is already structured out.

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If you are experiencing cold drafts but can’t figure out why… reach out to us today to have us help you determine the problem areas in your home.

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