Garage Insulation 101

Is Garage Insulation A Necessity?

It may sound weird to insulate your garage if it is used to park cars and store stuff but in reality, garage insulation can actually be beneficial. We look at homes that include an attached garage. All the cold air that seeps into the cold garage will also sneak into your home. There is a good chance that you are experiencing a cold home, an insufficient garage is one of those causes. Insulating the garage is a little bit different than other parts of the home. Keep on reading to see how we identify and solve cold garages.

spray foam insulation in a garage

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There are three areas in the garage that we look to insulate: the garage ceiling, walls, and doors.

  • Garage Ceiling: It’s essential to insulate the garage ceiling if there is a living space above the garage. To eliminate leaks, we provide Air Sealing services.
  • Garage Walls: When the garage is attached to the house, the wall that separates the garage from the living space should be air-sealed, and insulated with blown-in insulation or spray foam insulation.
  • Garage Doors: A home has two different garage door types: one for cars and one for people. A people-type garage door should be insulated and weather-stripped for energy efficiency.

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These three areas are crucial in providing a comfortable home. Our Home Energy Evaluation is crucial in identifying the key spots of heat loss. From there, we will Air Seal the nooks and cracks, then go in with Spray Foam Insulation on the exposed walls and ceilings. Spray Foam Insulation offers a higher R-Value, is airtight, and is mold and insect-resistant. With these insulation solutions, your Iowa home will be comfortable all year long.

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