Frost In The Attic: Problem & Solution

Attic Frost: What You Need To Know

Attic Frost and ice form in attics when warm, humid air accumulates and condenses on the underneath of your roof sheathing. A little bit of frost forming is not unusual after really low nighttime temperatures, and it isn’t a huge problem if it is able to melt and evaporate so the wood can dry. However, it becomes a more serious problem when the quantity of frost isn’t able to evaporate before more starts to accumulate. The longer this goes on, the more ice builds up and the more water may leak down into the ceiling when it finally warms up enough to melt. Many Iowa homes suffer from ice dams where homeowners often ignore it unless it causes a huge problem – mostly because they don’t know it is happening until there is an issue.

infographic showing attic frost

What Causes Ice Dams?

  • Humidity Levels In The Home: The more humid the conditioned space of your home is, the more condensation you will probably have in the home, and also in the attic.

  • Attic Ventilation: Proper ventilation and proper airflow in a roof keep it in good and dry conditions. Proper attic insulation is a key factor in attic ventilation.

  • Ceiling Air Barriers: To eliminate ice dams and any sort of air leakage, removing old insulation to create a bare space to have a proper contractor Air Seal exposed nooks and cracks is key. Air Sealing will make a significant difference in the temperature of the home.

Key Solutions To Attic Frost

As mentioned before, Attic Frost is something homeowners tend to not notice until a water leak appears in their ceiling. To fix this issue, it is important to contact a reliable and experienced insulation contractor. They will know what to look for and have the proper tools to solve this issue for good. Here at HSI, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners achieve comfortable homes. Our Heat Map Evaluation will help identify where heat is exactly escaping, allowing us to Air Seal those exposed spots. Air Sealing is an insulation service that is sprayed over various areas in the attic that may allow heat to escape. After Air Sealing, we would love to recommend one or a few of our other insulation services to fully achieve the comfortable home you are looking for.

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