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Imagine the ability to transform photos of your home from your smartphone into a customizable 3D model allowing you to make your home improvement visions a virtual reality. This ability is now available to you with a few clicks of a button exclusively from Home Solution of Iowa’s partnership with HOVER. Fill out the form below to gain access!

How It Works...

Our At Home Solution

Technology has come a long way, and we relish in that. With Home Solutions of Iowa, you have access to great technology to guide you through making the best decisions on your upcoming exterior project.

Take some quick photos of the outside of your home, within hours, you’ll have a beautiful 3D rendering of your home. Assisting you in the visualization of your home with a wide variety siding, shingle, and more options.

Take the guesswork out of the equation, remove the need for a professional designer.

You’ll be able to pick and choose different home exterior products from the top manufacturers in the United States, visualizing options before making a commitment.

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For your FREE 3D design tool, complete our online form so that we can send you a link to download our roofing app. This app allows you to take photos of your home.

Download the App

Sign in using the same email you received the email to. Once logged in click the + sign, add a property name, and input your address.

Take 8 Photos of Your Home

The app helps you take the perfect photos, directing you as you go. You can take your own pictures & share your photos with or schedule an appointment for us to do this for you for FREE with no obligation to commit.

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Your home design is now complete! You can add color options, material options, and more. At this step, we can also provide a rough estimate using your uploaded images. You decide when to move forward with an agreement then we proceed with the work! Voila!

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At any point, we encourage you to contact us by chatting with us by

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We’re here to guide you through this!