How to Fix & Remove Ice Dams

An “ice dam,” is very common on homes in the Midwest, especially with the record-breaking snowfall this winter here in the Des Moines Metro. This icy barrier prevents water from running off the roof, can tear away open style gutters, rip off your gutter screens or covers and can even be the cause of your wet basement.

Home with icicles and and ice dam

A sign that is too often seen in the Midwest. An ice dam is a direct result of heat loss.

An ice dam can happen new or old homes with or without gutters. Here are 3 options to remedy ice dams right now.

1. Melt the ice dam with calcium chloride.

Fill long socks or the legs of pantyhose with calcium chloride granules and then tie off their ends with string. Lay it vertically across the ice dam. It will slowly melt its way down through the dam, clearing a path for the underlying water to flow freely.

Ice dam removal

Fill the leg of an old pair of pantyhose or tube socks with a calcium chloride ice melter. Lay the sock vertically on the roof so it intersects the ice dam and overhangs the gutter.

2. Rake your roof.

Stand safely on the ground as you pull snow off your roof with a long-handled roof rake. A through roof rake on the first 2 feet of the roof line will immediately change the exterior temperature of your roof system.

roof rake to remove icicles

A snow roof rake can safely remove snow from roofs. This 20-ft-long aluminum rake is used to lighten the load on your roof and to reduce the formation of an ice dam.

3. Hire a professional.

Leave the second story and ladder work for the licensed and insured contractor. A reputable contractor, like Home Solutions of Iowa, can inspect your home exterior & interior to find the source of the ice dam and propose a solution.

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