First Time Homebuyer? 6 Things To Look For

First Time Buying A Home: Exciting But Scary

Everyone craves a cozy home that they can grow in, enjoy family and friend gatherings, and make their own space. It can be easy to fall in love with one that has a lot of charm. However, older ones tend to have more areas that can become concerns that could easily be overlooked. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we have seen many homes that need countless areas of improvement. We have some advice to help you avoid taking on a ton of repairs.

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6 Things To Look For

  • Check The Roof
    • Roofing issues are one of the primary issues we encounter when installing LeafGuard®.
  • Take A Look At The Gutters
    • Gutters are a feature that is often overlooked by potential buyers. If the gutters are sagging, sloped toward the house, clogged with leaves and debris, and water flowing over them…potentially into the basement are signs that the gutters will need to be replaced. Here at HSI, we offer LeafGuard® Gutters which will give you a lifetime solution to your gutter problem.
  • Make Sure Upgrades Are Upgrades
    • When checking out a house, you may see some lovely upgrades but make sure they are actually upgrades. Sometimes, the upgrades tend to mask the existing problem.
  • Check The Heat & Air Conditioning:
    • Before moving in, verify the heat and conditioning work. Nothing is worse than moving in and finding out that your home doesn’t have heat during a cold day.
  • Check For Proper Insulation, Properly Sealed Windows, and Other Efficiency Concerns
    • A lack of insulation in the attic can cost you an expensive utility bill. If your windows are allowing cold air to leak into your home, this is another sign of poor insulation. Make sure all aspects of your home are fully insulated for hot and cold days.
  • Mold? Stay Away
    • Any sign of mold is an issue that can be effortlessly addressed or it could be an expensive process. Mold is a huge health concern as well.

Home Solutions of Iowa Is Here

Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we offer the best seamless gutter system on the market: LeafGuard® Gutters. Looking to buy your first home but not sure the gutters installed already are working properly? We can come out to your home and provide you with a free estimate of how LeafGuard® Gutters can benefit your home. Purchasing your first home can be very overwhelming but if you know where to look and what to look for, it’ll be the easiest process for you!

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