Finding The Perfect Contractor: Social Media Edition

Searching for Your Next Home Improvement Contractor?

Finding the perfect exterior home remodeling contractor can be a stressful task. With so many contractors to choose from, it can be hard to figure out who is worth the money. A lot of contractors are out there to get a quick buck off of you but doing thorough research, you can be sure to know you are investing in the right company for your exterior home upgrade. While we have told you before on how to find a reliable and reputable contractor, we have taken it to the next step. We have compiled a list of various social media tips that you may not think of when researching contractors.

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Tips To Look For When Seeking A Contractor: Social Media Style

  • Check All Social Medias: An established contractor will be on some sort of social media. Finding a contractor on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter will show you they are an ethical company trying to build their brand and business. Social media is a new way to see the type of business a contractor does, their work, and a great way to see what their brand is all about.

  • Take A Look At Reviews On Various Websites: Asking people about their experiences with companies has been a common trend for years. Now it is easier to find what people think about a contractor’s service with various review websites. Check out the Better Business Bureau, Google, Facebook, and even website like Birdeye and GuildGuality. These all have feedback from customers who have used their service and will give you great insight on what contractor you want to go with.

  • Check Out The Company’s Website: Almost every company has a website with all their information regarding their products. A part of the companies website to look for is their latest projects. These will give you a visual of their services on a home in your area.

  • Use Google: Googling has been one of the top ways of searching for contractors. Using terms like gutter companies near me, roofing contractors near me, or even exterior home contractors near me will bring up a list of different contractors in your area. Google brings up various websites the company has been mentioned on that you may of not known about.

Let’s Get Social

Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we are very active on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. We love to showcase our latest projects throughout all of our socials as well as our website. In today’s time, everyone is looking at social media for help in understanding what services the company offers. We are a committed small local business serving all of Central Iowa providing them with a smooth installation. Check out us on social media and see what our company is all about!

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