Fall Decorating Tips To Cozy Up In Your Home

Fall Is Here

When the temperatures start dropping and the leaves start changing colors, that could only mean one thing; Fall is officially here. It is the time of the year when we all want to cozy up on the couch with a thick blanket and a hot chocolate. The changing of seasons is a perfect time to switch up the decor in your home. While there are so many ways you can perfect your home to the Fall season, we found a few decorating tips to help turn your home into a cozy retreat.

fall decorating in the home

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Decorating Tips To Cozy Up Your Home

  • Cold Weather Proof Your Bedding: With chilly temps outside, make your bed a cozy nook by swapping out the sheets for flannel sheets and adding a soft and warm plush blanket or comforter.

  • Create Warmth With Soft Lighting: Candles and fireplaces are the perfect fall staple. There’s nothing me cozier than having a nice fire and a scented candle in a dim-lit room.

  • Add a Fur Or Knitted Blanket: Place a faux fur or chunky knitted blanket on your bed or couch. Nothing is better than having a nice big blanket to curl up in on a chilly fall day.

  • Deepen Your Colors: Rich dark colors make space feel cozier with the days becoming shorter and with less sunshine. Creating a darker atmosphere will make you want to slow down and cozy up with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Use colors like deep emerald, burgundy, dark violet, charcoal, and black.

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