End of Summer Home Preparation

End Of Summer Home Maintenance

The end of summer is approaching. School is back in session, the Iowa State Fair has come and gone, and the changing of seasons is close. While it is common for homeowners to spend a little extra time maintaining their homes in the spring season, autumn is just as crucial in making sure your home is ready for the chilly days ahead. Preparing your home for the changing seasons is important in keeping the interior and exterior of your Iowa home safe from potential damages. We have compiled a list of end-of-summer home maintenance tasks to check off before the Fall season hits.

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End Of Summer Task Checklist

  • Prevent frozen pipes: Winter season in Iowa is never the same. We could experience detrimental cold temperatures and terrible snowstorms or have a mild winter. But to be cautious and ready, insulate your pipes in areas exposed to freezing temperatures. This will save you lots of money down the road.

  • Replace air filters: Replacing your air filters prolongs the engine life of your air conditioning system. If unsure how to do this task yourself, call your local HVAC company. They will gladly come out and service your HVAC for you.

  • Test your smoke detectors: The smoke detectors are a life-saving feature of your home. It is important to check your smoke detectors every month, making sure they are in proper working order and to replace the batteries within them every 3-6 months.

  • Check gutters for clogs & debris: It is important to maintain your gutters every season. Be on the lookout for clogs, pests hiding inside of them, and any sort of damage. With summer storms, hail and wind can have a huge impact on your gutters.

  • Check out the caulking around doors & windows: With the cold season approaching, it is important to seal up any leaks where cold air could seep in. It could also be beneficial to have a proper contractor come out to provide a Home Energy Audit.

  • Call Home Solutions of Iowa: We will gladly come out to look at the exterior of your home and identify any potential damages to your gutters and roof.

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