Earth Day 2022

Celebrating Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022! The theme “Invest In Our Planet” is dedicated to living a prosperous and sustainable life while restoring nature and building a healthy planet for the future. There are many ways to take action to make a better world for everyone and one of those ways is investing in a Rain Barrel. A Rain Barrel is a way to save on resources and conserve your water bill. This is a great first step for someone wanting to get into helping out to live a sustainable life.

Earth Day 2022: Rainwater Is Free Water

Rain Barrels have been around for centuries. It all started with harvesting rainwater. This is a practice that goes back years ago but when city water became the norm, harvesting rainwater became a thing of the past. Within the last couple of years, interest in Rain Barrels has grown. Homeowners have been able to reduce water pollution, decrease the amount of stormwater runoff reaching our streams, and improved both the soil and water quality.

Rainwater Can Be Used For Many Things

While you can’t drink the rainwater, there are plenty of other processes you can use them for. The more ways you use the rainwater, the more you are helping the earth. A few ways homeowners have used water from their Rain Barrel include watering outside gardens, houseplants, washing vehicles, and even filling up a pool. There are a variety of rain barrels on the market but the number one thing you should look for in one is durability.

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 by investing in a Rain Barrel. Our experts are here to answer all of your questions regarding rainwater harvesting.

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