Drought Gutter Issues

A Drought Is Here

As the Summer drought continues here in Iowa, homeowners have been constructed to conserve water. While this lack of rain might seem like a nice break for your gutters, drought conditions can actually be hard on your drains and downspouts. Your gutters can experience damage that you would never have thought of if we were having constant rain in the forecast.

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How A Drought Affects Gutters

Droughts can affect gutters in a number of ways. During periods of dry weather, trees tend to lose their leaves. Debris can fall into the open gutters and become caked to the metal. The debris can be extremely difficult to remove. The extreme heat causes it to dry, quickly embedding into the gutter. Once the drought ends and we see the first rainfall, the clogged gutters will cause water to leak over the sides of the house and perhaps through the roof.

The same damages that can happen with a rainy clogged gutter can happen throughout a drought. Foundation, drywall, wooden beams, insulation, and even windows can experience damage. The only way to fix this issue is to have a professional contractor come out to use specialized equipment to completely clean the gutter system. This can cause you to search for not only gutter solutions but siding, roofing, and insulation solutions as well.

A Viable Solution: LeafGuard® Gutters

Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we offer a one-piece gutter system that will allow you to forget about gutter maintenance altogether. With a built-in covered hood, this system will never allow leaves and debris to clog up your gutters. Through droughts and rainy months, LeafGuard® will protect your home from any type of damages that you could encounter with open-style gutters. Some of the top benefits that are included in this one-piece gutter system are it will effectively channel the water away from the home, it is truly a clog-free system, and it has a nice aesthetic appeal to it.

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