The Burning Question: Does My Home Need Gutters?

Does A Home Really Need Gutters?

The sleek system that runs along the edge of your roof is tasked with a very important job. Gutters are essential in protecting the interior and exterior of the home from a wide variety of weather elements. Those new to home maintenance may question whether gutters are a vital component of their home’s exterior. We are here to help you understand why gutters are needed for your home, what they do, and the best gutter systems to inquire about.

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What Exactly Does A Gutter Do For The Home?

As previously stated, gutters have a big impact on protecting the home. Gutters have one job: to divert water away from the home. Gutters are installed under the edge of the roof to catch rainwater as it streams down the roof’s surface. The gutters will direct the water through a downspout where the water will be dispensed into a drainage system or extensions that relocate the water away from the home’s foundation. This help prevents erosion, protects the landscape, and prevents basement flooding. Gutters will also prevent staining to the exterior of the home, mitigate paint damage, and stop mold and mildew growth.

Gutters Help Prevent Serious Home Damage

It is not enough to just have gutters installed in your home. Gutters need to be maintained every couple of times a year in order to ensure they are working properly. To protect the home, gutters need to be free of gaps and should be pitched properly toward the downspouts. The biggest reason a gutter can be a problem is because of clogs. Leaves, shingle grit, pine needles, and other debris love to get caught up in open-style gutters. This can cause damage as referenced above.

A Permanent Solution: LeafGuard® Gutters

When deciding on a gutter system, it is important to invest in a properly working and reliable system. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we offer the only one-piece gutter system on the market. LeafGuard® Gutters are a one-piece gutter system that is built with. This hood cover will deflect leaves and debris while properly channeling the water. A seamless look gives the gutters an aesthetic appeal to them. The best benefit that comes out of this gutter system is that it does not require cleaning or other maintenance whatsoever.

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