Do I Need To Insulate My Rim Joist?

What Is A Rim Joist?

We always receive the question: Do I need to insulate my Rim Joist? The Rim Joist is the edge of the wood floor framing system. It sits on top of your home’s foundation walls and is attached to the sill plate. This is where the basement ceiling framing and home siding meet above the foundation wall. The Rim Joist area is a large source of energy loss with an opening for the winter air to come in. Typically, the Rim Joist is left vacant or stuffed with some basic fiberglass batt insulation. Fiberglass doesn’t stop airflow so it allows cold air to leak in. The results of poor Rim Joist insulation can be felt throughout the house in the form of draft rooms and cold floors.

rim joist stuffed with fiberglass
The Rim Joist is a large source of energy loss. The Rim Joist is the edge of the wood floor framing system that sits on top of the homes foundation walls.
Rim Joist insulation
The best solution for insulating the Rim Joist is Spray Foam Insulation. Spray Foam Insulation provides an air barrier to wherever it is applied to help diminish air leakage from the home, increases comfort, and outperforms other insulation materials in terms of R-Value.

Benefits of Rim Joist Insulation

Insulating the Rim Joist area is key in creating a comfortable space. There are several benefits to insulating your Rim Joist including:

  • Lower Energy Bills: One of the most important features of an energy-efficient home is proper insulation. By keeping conditioned air inside where you want it, you end up saving money and enjoying a comfortable home.
  • Improve Comfort: A well-insulated Rim Joist helps keep the basement at a comfortable, steady temperature on par with the rest of the house.
  • Contribute To A Healthier Environment: Any time you cut back on energy consumption, you certainly save money but you are also doing your part for the environment.

Insulating Your Rim Joist Area

We use Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation to provide the perfect comfortable space for the Rim Joist Area. Spray Foam is resistant to water, offers superior R-Value, and seals the air leaks all in one application. Not only does it provide R-7 per inch but it also expands to fill the holes and gaps, stopping air leakages in one simple step.

The Final Answer To Do I Need To Insulate My Rim Joist?

If you are looking to keep your home comfortable through the long, bitterly cold winter season; then you need to turn to Home Solutions of Iowa. We can identify the leaks throughout your Iowa home then provide our complete home comfort solutions to you. Starting with Air sealing the nooks and cracks then going in with our Spray Foam or Cellulose Insulation; you will be enjoying a comfortable home all year long. Contact us today to get set up with a Home Performance Evaluation!

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