Derecho Damage Still Impacting Your Home?

8 Months Later: Derecho Damage

The Derecho took Iowa by surprise almost 8 months ago. Leaving most homeowners with Derecho damage. A normal morning turned into a terrifying storm leaving Iowan devastated. While many were able to get their home restored right away, many are still encountering issues with insurance companies and contractors to find a solution. With the brutal winter we experienced and spring showers on the way, it is crucial to make sure any sort of Derecho damages are identified and solved.

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Finding A Reliable, Certified Derecho Damage Contractor

Spring storms will be here before you know it. Making sure your Cedar Rapids home is storm-ready is critical. These damages made wait times longer and left homeowners frustrated. But, now if you are still waiting to hear back from someone about restoring your gutter and roof damages, it is time to find a reliable, licensed, and insured storm damage contractor. There are some key identifiers you want to look for in finding your next storm damage contractor.

  • Use Your Resources: There are many resources out there to help narrow down who to call. The first place to look is the Better Business Bureau. This will tell you who has accreditation and reviews.

  • Initial Communication: During the initial phone call, ask for a copy of their license and insurance to make sure they are in good standing and their certifications are valid. Asking for references is also a good tip. Any contractor would love to show you who they helped served in the past to gain the trust of a potential customer.

  • Get An Estimate: Make sure everything is itemized and the scope of the work is clearly defined.

  • Get It In Writing: Once you have chosen the contractor you want to work with, ask for a written contract. Included should be the full cost of work, the payment structure indicating when payment is due, and a timeline of when to expect the project to be completed.

Spring Into Derecho Damage Home Restoration With HSI

Restoring your Derecho damaged home is needed to make sure your foundation, basement, or any part of your exterior home is ready for spring showers and summer storms. Leaving your home the way it is can result in more serious problems down the road. Here at HSI, we can restore the damages from the Iowa Derecho and provide you with a home maintenance check-up. Not only will we identify the areas needed to be restored but we will also provide an inspection of the rest of the home. We are a fully licensed, insured, and local storm damage contractor serving thousands of customers. We strive on providing Iowans with exterior home improvement solutions. Reach out to us today and we will gladly come out to your Central Iowa or Cedar Rapids home and provide you with a full exterior inspection!

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